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Meet Norbert!

No, we didn’t name the baby Norbert!  Norbert is our Christmas tree.   Norbert is a Norfolk Island Pine that we bought from Home Depot on the first Sunday of Advent.  I named it Norbert because I like to name my … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Garden Harvest

Well, this was a trial and error garden this year; I have different plans for next year.  I did, however, eek out a few green beans.  Local, organic, from my front yard!  Pretty cool!  Oh, and I picked them on … Continue reading

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Another perk of Florida is that composting is really easy!  Although I am not a huge fan of this warm, moist, insect-filled state, all of those properties combine to make composting a no-brainer.  No incubating or turning is realy necessary … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Lawn Care (or, how to try to have an environmentally sensitive lawn when you need to be able to sell your house in 4 years)

My ideal lawn would not look like a lawn at all.  I’d have veggies and native plants growing all over the place, and where we needed or wanted a walking/play surface area, we would have pine trees and lots of pine … Continue reading

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Welcome, Spring! ;-)

Yes, I am aware that it is October 1, and that the first official day of fall was over a week ago. But, I live in central Florida.  The West Coast of the East Coast, you might say.  And it … Continue reading

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Are you veggies lacking or packing?

I went to a talk last night given by a master gardener.  She has “cracked the code” on how to organically grow fruit and vegetables in this part of Florida.  As a whole, Florida doesn’t have soil; it has sand.  It is … Continue reading

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