Meet Norbert!

No, we didn’t name the baby Norbert!  Norbert is our Christmas tree.  

Norbert is a Norfolk Island Pine that we bought from Home Depot on the first Sunday of Advent.  I named it Norbert because I like to name my indoor plants, and Norbert sounded cute and alliterative.  I planted Norbert in a nice new, big pot that we had also bought.  Between the tree itself and its new container, the total cost was about $40.  However, we are hoping that I can keep Norbert alive at least for Christmas of 2011, thus saving us money, a trip to the store, and the environmental impact of a tree imported from Oregon.

If we lived some place where we could cut down our own tree locally, we might very well do that.  However, the pickings are slim, to say the least, around here for that kind of thing, and so this is the 3rd year in a row that we have had a potted plant as our Christmas tree.  Since we won’t be moving this summer, we hope to reuse Norbert next year, as I said. 

We still “trim” Norbert like any Christmas tree.  Lights and ornaments festoon his little branches.  We decided not to do a tree skirt this year, and instead put some of the heavier ornaments down right in the pot.  I just have to make sure to water Norbert a few times a week, since the heat from the Christmas lights is not exactly beneficial to his health and vigor. 

And, we cheat.  I still love the smell of fir needles and freshly cut wood and pine trees, so I bought this Yankee Candle the accompany our first potted plant Christmas tree, and I pulled it out again this year to go with Norbert.

Merry Christmas!

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One Response to Meet Norbert!

  1. Michelle says:

    Love it! We had one for 2 years, but yours looks much better than mine ever did. We got a cut tree this year, which I really like. =)

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