Article in St. Petersburg Times

A few days ago, a friend posted a link on Facebook to a blog that said the health column reporter for the St. Petersburg Times was looking to interview women who had had an elective induction of labor before 39 weeks gestation, or wanted to.

Well.  I fundamentally disagree with that notion.  So I wrote an email to the reporter offering to be interviewed, since I am 38 weeks pregnant, but making very clear where I stood on the issue of elective inductions, no matter how far along a woman is!

To my surprise, he called me back and interviewed me over the phone.  That night, they sent a newspaper photographer to the house to take a picture of me and Steve.  Turns out our picture made the front page on Monday, and the story was on A10!

Between this, and Steve’s local news television interview a few weeks ago for a rescue he and his crew made, we are starting to have quite a media presence here in the Tampa area.  🙂

Here is the link to the article I was interviewed for.

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One Response to Article in St. Petersburg Times

  1. Great article, and I love how you explained your stance on induction! And great picture!

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