Wordless Wednesday: Squirt Stuff

As of yesterday, Steve and I are done with all baby-related items on the “to do before Squirt arrives” list.  There are still things on the list, like make the candy/gingerbread house, keep installing windows, etc., but all baby things are done!

Here are some photos of things that we now have ready for when Squirt decides to show up!

dresser set up in our bedroom; Steve repaired and I repainted this and the changing table

changing table with changing pad on top (this time the diaper bag is setting there instead of the cat)

Moses basket for when we need to set Squirt down for a moment; little airplane "mobile" pendant

diaper bag packed and ready to go

labor and postpartum bags; Steve said he hopes he doesn't mistake those for his flight bags, or else he'll go to reach for his headset and pull out a onesie!

practicing on a stuffed animal for how to put the prefold cloth diapers and Snappis on!

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