Herbal Medicine Making Workshop

On Saturday, I attended an herbal medicine making workshop.  It cost a grand total of $25, and included a substantial booklet make by the instructor, all the supplies to participate in the workshop, and some things we got to take home.  I guess I somehow expected the herbalist to provide us with a recipe booklet, but it was much more useful than that–it was a real instructional class, and she was a good teacher!  The instructor provided a pretty comprehensive list of different medicinal properities, and then listed the herbs that “do” these things.  For instance, “galactagogue” had fenugreek on its list.  We then prepared a couple of different herbal remedies to learn the techniques, but instead of listing exactly what would go into each mixture, she really encouraged us to concot our own mixtures at home that fit what we need at the time, based on that list of medicinal properties.

We prepared an herbal tea, a tincture, a salve, capsules, and she demonstrated a poultice and a compress.  I feel much more confident about my own abilities to prepare herbal remedies for my family.  I’ve dabbled with it a bit before, but was hesitant to do much more than that without some better instruction.  I think that I will do a pokeberry tincture in the next few weeks, as something to keep on hand for when we feel like we are coming down with the flu or a cold.  Pokeberries are native to FL, and are in season right now, and I can pick them for free at the park where I walk!

Here are some pictures from the day

the herbalist is also a cat rescuer...


isn't he just too cute for words?


workshop and classroom


herbal tea made out of bay and basil; it was surprisingly tasty!

measuring out the mullein leaf for the tincture

after this sits in the sun for about a month, it will be a tincture

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