My grudging appreciation for Florida

by Eric Gaba from Wikipedia

I make no secret of the fact that I do not like Florida, and cannot wait to move away from here, and never return.  I can’t say I hate Florida, at least this part of Florida, because I assure you that Corpus Christi, TX (no offense) gave me a whole new appreciation for the benefits and occassional beauty of Florida.

farm in Maryland when I went to visit family in PA last time

I can list a million reasons why I want to leave Florida, and would give anything to live in, say, Northern Pennsylvania, or New Hampshire, or some place like that.  But I am trying to convince myself that there is a reason that we live here, and that it is not just for Steve’s career benefits.  I haven’t quite figure out what that is, but in the meantime, I thought I’d compile a list of why Florida isn’t all that bad.  Some of the time, at least.

1. I can dry my laundry on my clothesline year round.  As we approach cloth diapering, this is going to save us quite a bit of money.

2.  I have become somewhat of a sun worshipper, and love being tan.  FL is a good place to be for that kind of thing.

me and Steve at the beach in July

3.  I am most certainly not suffering from a Vitamin D deficiency.

4.  There is a great LLL and attachment parenting community here; it is going to be so wonderful to be supported in how we want to parent Squirt!

5.  There is a Waldorf school 1/2 hour north of our house that has toddler/mommy class that I am already looking forward to doing with Squirt.

6.  The pool at the local YMCA is by far the best lap pool that I have ever swam at, in any state.  And it has a sun deck (see numbers 2 and 3).

7.  I save money on clothes, because I basically only need one wardrobe; no need for “winter” and then “summer” clothes beyond a few zippy hoodies and long sleeved t-shirts for winter.

8.  Steve really does love his job; there is a lot to be said for that!

9.  Our house is the perfect size for us, and we live within a 1 mile walk of 3 different playgrounds and 1 recreational pool.

10.  There are lots of trees here, esp. in our little neighborhood, and trees do make me happy.  Except palm trees; I can’t say they fill me with joy.  But our neighborhood is mostly inhabited by oak trees.  We even planted one in the front yard when we did our landscaping project. 

our shaded backyard

11.  I have made some really great friends here.  I don’t think that has much to do with FL itself, but it is an improvement over TX.

12.  I can grow vegetables and herbs in my garden year round, or at least attempt to.

lavender down by our mailbox

13.  Our house is 1/2 hour west of the Tampa International Airport.  Southwest Airlines flies in and out of Tampa.  So if I just get too depressed with the heat and humidity and wearing shorts and flip flops in November, I can always leave!

TIA from wikipedia

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