Belly Oil

from our photo shoot with Lizzy Grant

I must confess to what iss perhaps a bit of vanity and pride here.

I really would prefer not to get stretch marks.  I’m ok with some stretch marks, because I figure, hey, my body did an awesome job growing and hauling Squirt around for 9+ months!  But I would still like to minimize the permanent marks of having done that, if possible.

From the research I have done, it seems that stretch marks are almost always genetic.  So, if your mom got them, and your sisters, got them, you’ll probably get them, too.  Fact of life.  So far, knock on wood, I have [mostly] avoided stretch marks.  I have, as of this writing at 33 weeks and 2 days, zero stretch marks on my belly.

Watch.  I’ll wake up with a dozen tomorrow, just so fate can rub my nose in it!

There is not a whole lot you can do to prevent stretch marks entirely, but there are actions you can take to minimize them.  The first is to gain the appropriate amount of weight, at a decent pace.  The more time you give your skin to grow more cells and stretch gently, the less it will stretch fast enough to leave the scar tissue that is stretch marks.  But most women I know who have gained weight at the recommended amount and pace still have stretch marks, so I’m not sure how useful that advice is, honestly.

The second minimizing thing you can do is to use neroli essential oil.  This stuff is EXPENSIVE.  But from all the reading I did on it, it has been used to treat scars for centuries, if not millenia.  I found this recipe on for a belly oil that contains frankincense, lavender, lemongrass, vitamin E oil, almond oil, and, of course, neroli oil.  While the ingredients were not cheap, I use essential oils for lots of other things, so it won’t go to waste.  Plus, this oil can be used for helping to fade stretch marks and other scars after the fact, so I will get good use out of it either way!  I generally put it on 2 – 3 times per day.  This belly oil does not stain clothing, and it is a light oil so it rubs in well even in humid Florida.  Note: it was cheaper for me to buy the Vitamin E Oil capsules and break them open with a knife and squeeze the oil out of the capsule than it was to buy actual Vitamin E oil. 

Even if the belly oil does absolutely nothing to prevent, repair, or minimize stretch marks, it still smells really good.   And it is kind of fun to spend a few minutes each day rubbing your baby and growing belly.  🙂

I have pictures of the oil and ingredients, but I”ll have to add them later since I accidentally put them onto the internal memory of Steve’s camera and I don’t know where the cable is…

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One Response to Belly Oil

  1. Michelle says:

    Well….I gained the “recommended” amount of weight both times, but most of it I gained in the last 3 months so not exactly the “recommended” pace. Not one stretch mark. So there. =) Who knows.

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