Ring Sling

my cat testing out the very first ring sling I ever made

Just a short post today about making your own ring sling!  Note: you WILL need a sewing machine!

I won’t re-post all the directions and photos, because this website does an excellent job of explaining how to sew a ring sling.  I have probably made, well, about 2 dozen by now, and I finally got to make one for my own baby!  Granted, we still have a few months till we get to use it, but I’m still excited about it. 

Even with a home machine, you can see how tight and secure the stitching is


I’ll be sure to post a picture of us using it for real once we get the chance, but this it folded up.  I discovered that the stripe pattern looks really good and hardly shows the hems at all.  This one is truly one of my best ring slings yet! 

I just checked online, and it seems that a new ring sling costs you anywhere from $50 to $100.  Granted, I do not construct my ring slings out of Irish linen, Duponi silk, or organic cotton (the pure silk one, by the way, is over $250).  But I do get to pick my own colors and patterns, and have the satisfaction of making my own unique ring sling.  In addition to which, this ring sling cost me maybe $20 in materials, and took less than 90 minutes to construct.  And the only reason it cost that much was because I fell in love with the fabric and so was willing to pay full price instead of waiting till I had a coupon.  🙂

This picture shows the pleats at the shoulder better; I got this fabric 50% off in the home decor fabric clearance section

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